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Medical Centres

Our Medical Centres

Access to medical care is a huge problem in rural Kenya, where many people still die from preventable and curable diseases such as malaria and typhoid.

Sarambei Medical Centre

Sarambei Medical Centre

In 2015 we opened a Medical Centre in Sarambei on the grounds of our demonstration farm. We cater for over 3,000 people and are the only facility in the area that provides free healthcare to the vulnerable (elderly & disabled).

Rongai Medical Centre

Rongai Medical Centre

In 2020 we opened a Medical Centre in Rongai*, 30km from Sarambei. It is the only medical centre in the area, serves over 5,000 people and a public health unit has also been established.

* land & buildings donated by former Irish charity SASCA
Our medical centres are powered by solar panels and water is supplied by our rainwater tanks.

Medical Services

Each medical centres is staffed by a clinical officer (primary healthcare doctor), a laboratory technician, a nurse, a physiotherapist, a cleaner and a security guard. Our staff have a very good relationship with the local community and are well respected and trusted.

Most services are free for everyone. We charge nominal fees for physiotherapy and medication (to cover costs) but this fee is waived for elderly and disabled people, as well as for those who genuinely cannot pay.

Services provided:

  • General Medical Services
    • GP Service - including management of hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, suturing etc.
    • Dispensary Service for low-cost drugs (prescription medications usually only available in cities)
    • Mobile Outreach Clinics - a weekly service bringing basic medical services to remote locations. Monthly visits are also made to housebound elderly patients.
  • Diagnostic Services
    • Laboratory Services - providing onsite blood tests
    • Ultrasound - an invaluable diagnostic tool usually only available in city hospitals
    • HIV Testing - and subsequent counselling
  • Vaccination & Screening Programs* - childhood vaccines, HPV vaccines, cervical cancer screening, etc.
  • Maternity / Family Planning
    • Maternity Services - ante-natal care
    • Family Planning* - education, support & treatments related to fertility, contraception, sexual health
  • Therapeutic Services
    • Physiotherapy - available for everyone (& in huge demand) but particularly necessary for members of our Disabled Program.
    • Occupational Therapy - helping the disabled & elderly with performing everyday tasks
    • Speech Therapy - an often-overlooked but vital service
  • Dentistry Services
  • Public Health
    • Public Health Workshops* - to education the public on public health issues
    • Public Health Seminars* - training for public health professionals and community leaders
  • * run in association with the Ministry of Health


High Quality Healthcare

We are very proud of the high quality and comprehensive services we offer our patients.

Sub-standard healthcare provision is all too common in rural Kenya, with indiscriminate prescribing of antibiotics and regular mis-diagnosis of serious conditions. There is also a huge problem where many people cannot access the required medications, treatments and therapies.

By providing reliable and excellent care in the community, our centres ensure the best health outcomes for patients. For services we don't provide, we refer our patients to reputable hospitals and ensure they can attend.

Improved Community Health

Since the opening of our medical centres we have seen a noticeable change in the health of the community; accessable, regular healthcare has meant that illnesses have been caught and treated earlier than they would have been before, thus reducing incidence of serious illness and improving the overall health of our communities.



90 years old

Ruth walked 10km in 35-degree heat to come to our medical centre where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her life-saving treatment cost €5 but she only had €2 so we covered the full cost and arranged for her to be brought home.


7 years old

Phenoly has celebral palsy and when we met her three years ago she couldn't walk. After extensive physiotherapy at our medical centre she is now walking freely and is going to school thanks to our education program.